How to print with his smartphone and / or tablet on the go?

First of all why printing with a smartphone ? 
Well we will not get into a big production of personal photos but when you’re travelling you can purchase tickets or other reservations and it just has to be printed. And often you don’t have the portable printer.

So the first thing is to find a “real” printer. Once connected to the network you can either download a free application from the brand of printer (HP Brother Canon Epson Lexmark etc) or you have multi-printers applications such as Printhand and PrintShare who will be able to detect which printer is on the network and install it. Note that these applications are not free. Our test give the advantage to Printhand for automatic detection of all network printers. First you have a free version to verify that it works and then go to the paid version.

To print made: Share > Printhand and you have all the classic menus – number of pages orientation…

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